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The Quests

It is always great fun for the The Tourist Office staff to prepare outdoor games, quests, riddles all year long for kids from 1 to 92, all along the Bocage.

Let's start this year with Easter Holliday :

Auguste Chevalier et
la plante miraculeuse :

A quest with Auguste Chevalier,
Domfront famous botanist
to heal his good friend Eugène Lelouvier !

Every day, starting on April 10th

Come with a smartphone with FlashCode app.
French only. No booking. 2€ entry.
For 10 years old and more.
Starting at Domfront Tourist Office
02 33 38 53 97- Info@ot-domfront.com

Rallye photo à thème :

Explore Domfront area in search of 5 pictures to take !

Choose between the themes :
- Domfront en Poiraie
- Heritage
- Nature/Gastronomy
Then come at the Tourist Office to withdraw the list of all the items to be photographed with the macaroon needed.

All 2021-long

For all ! With a camera.
2€ for each theme.
02 33 38 53 97 - Info@ot-domfront.com

L'Enquête Culinaire :

In Domfront en Bouteille's programme, the Tourist Office is suggesting to explore the city of Domfront by looking for videos left by producers and their questions.

By teams of 5 maximum.
Come with a smatphone with FlashCode app.
French only. For all.

Date to be defined

Fare to be determined
Starting at the Tourist Office in Domfront
02 33 38 53 97- Info@ot-domfront.com

Tresor Hunt Booklets :

Ever since 2021, 5 booklets have been elaborated to participate to a treasure hunt, all year round. By yourself, couple, family or friends, you will surely learn something !Depuis 2011, nous avons élaboré pas moins de 5 chasses au trésor passionnantes à faire toute l'année. Seul, en couple, en famille, entre amis, vous allez forcément découvrir quelque chose ! On parie ?

  • Domfront Médiéval, to explore the castle and the town. Available in English.
  • Domfront Quartier Notre Dame de Domfront, to leave the Tourist Office in direction of the Romanesque Church and climb up the 100 Steps.
  • Le Tertre Sainte Anne, to stroll on this gorgeous little wooden hillock, 2 steps away from Domfront Station.
  • Lonlay l'Abbaye, to make sure this charming village built around the abbey has no secrets for you.
  • St Fraimbault, because flowers and heritage are present all year round here !

All year round

2€ each booklet.
Age : all you need is someone who can read in your team !
To be withdrawn at Domfront Tourist Office.
02 33 38 53 97- Info@ot-domfront.com

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