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The cycling and walking tours are just like the escapade, although by bicycle or by foot! It consists in a 5km walk or a 15km cycling in the afternoon with discoveries along the circuit...

in 2016 :

Friday 22 July at 6 pm:

by bike : La Boucle de la Fiârie
17 km, starting at Mantilly Town Hall
Along the loop, we will stop at l'Epinay le Comte and discover the Pillars Hall.

Friday 5 August at 2.15 pm:

Walk on St Roch sur Egrenne
7 km starting from St Roch church
Between quiet roads and Green Track, we will stop at Hotel Guitton chapel.

Friday 19 August at 2.15 pm:

by bike: L'Être de nos moulins
12 km starting at St Mars d'Egrenne Town Hall. Along the loop, we will see Grouget Mill, Oratoire chapel, Grimaux Farm ...



Useful information:

Please book in advance at the Tourist Office
or call +33 (0)2 33 38 53 97
For walks, car-sharing is possible if asked in advance from the Tourist Office.

Choose the right equipment to follow thoses guided loops.

Fares :

2 € per person including refreshment during the circuit.


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