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> Two P.D.O.

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Two P.D.O in the Southern Orne Bocage :

Poiré Domfront P.D.O :

Poiré Domfront P.D.O is a traditional drink elaborated with pear juice fermentation.
The fruits used are pears for poiré, exclusively grown in the Domfront area, including the famous Plant de Blanc, a variety that gives the Poiré its fruity taste.
The harvest starts in October and is made after the fruit has fallen naturally on the ground.
After being pressed, the must is left in a vat then bottled to become fizzy.

Poiré Domfront P.D.O is characterized by its golden colour, its fruity and floral taste and is slightly acid and astringent.
It is served chilly for aperitif, to accompany shell, fish or desert.
Poiré Domfront P.D.O is more and more used by restaurants because it is perfect for a gravy, sweet or salty.

Syndicat du Poiré Domfront A.O.P
Président : Jérôme FORGET in Torchamp.
Contact :

Calvados Domfrontais A.O.C :

Calvados Domfrontais A.O.C is produced thanks to poiré and cider distillation with a still.
It is then left for years in oak barrels where the producer will have to check carefully and regularly.
Fruit taste will change, Calvados Domfrontais will sweeten and get new flavours: butter, vanilla, apple, liquorice and wood...

Young, Calvados Domfrontais is served for a cocktail.
To create the famous "Trou Normand", a boule of apple ice cream and a drop of calvados to help digest, choose a 6-year-old one.
Over 10 years old in the barrel, it is a perfect digestive.
It has always been a capital element in every good Norman cuisine from, starters to deserts.

Syndicat du Calvados Domfrontais A.O.C
Président : Gérard LEROYER in Melleray la Vallée (53).
Contact :

Site Remarquable du Goût du Bocage Domfrontais
Président : Patrice MALGREY in Domfront.
Contact :

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