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Architectural Heritage:

Castles and Manor-Houses:

"The Castle and the Medieval City" of Domfront - XIIth century, free visit of the site every day. Guided tours in English every Wednesday from June 15th to September 15th at 3 pm (3 € per person).


>Download the document about the castle here.

>Download the document about the city here.


An other way to visit Domfront : the treasure hunt.
33 questions of logic and observations, to be done with family, friends or alone, from 7 to 77, whether you live in Domfront or not. (1€ the booklet, available in English, to be purchased at Domfront Tourist Office)

Not to be missed : The virtual shop-windows!


>Download the document here.

"The Bonelière Manor-House" in St Mars d'Egrenne - XVIth century, free visits in July and August from 2 to 8 pm.

"Montchauveau Manor-House" in Céaucé - XVIIth century, free outdoor tour and partial indoor visit in July and August from 2 to 6 pm or on appointment.

"The Saucerie Gate-House"
in La Haute Chapelle - XIVth and XVIth centuries (listed), outdoor visit all year round.

"The Guyardière Manor-House" in La Haute Chapelle - XVIIth century, free outdoor visit all year round only around the pond.

"The Chaslerie Manor-House" in La Haute Chapelle - XVIth century, free outdoor visit all year round. Indoor visits for groups on appointment.

>Click here to visit the Chaslerie Web Site.

"The Nocherie Manoir-House"
in St Bômer les Forges - XVIth century, free outdoor visit all year round.

"The Bonvouloir Tower"
in Juvigny s/s Andaine - XVth century, free outdoor visit all year round. Free guided tours, every thursday at 2:30 pm from 19 april to 30 october on booking (French only).
Contact : 02 33 37 50 83

"La Guérinière Manor House" at Passais la Conception - XVIIth century, outdoor guided tour from the 1st of july to the 31st of august, from saturday to wednesday included, from 1 to 7 pm (free entrance, french only).

"Manoir de la Bérardière" at St Bômer les Forges - XVIIIth century, free visit of the parc all year round, on week-ends. Inside visits on appointment.

Chapels and Churches:

"Notre-Dame Abbey Church" in Lonlay l'Abbaye - XIth and XIVth centuries, situated in the heart of a lush valley, 10km away from Domfront. Free outdoor and indoor visit, every day from 8 am to 7 pm.

"Notre-Dame-sur-l'Eau Church" in Domfront - XIth and XIIth centuries, a gem of the Romanesque Norman art, free outdoor and indoor visit all year round from 9 am to 6 pm.

>Download the document about Lonlay Abbey and Notre-Dame sur l'Eau here.

"St Julien Church" in Domfront - XXth century, neo-byzantine style made of reinforced concrete. The works are done now, inside access is allowed since september 1st 2013.

"The Oratoire Chapels" in Passais-la-Conception - XIXth and XXth centuries, an ensemble of 2 chapels, one with remarkable contemporary paintings and a XVIIth century altarpiece. Free visit all year round from 9 am to 7 pm.

>Download the document about St Julien and Oratoire here.

When time stood still:

"La Table au Diable"
in Passais la Conception. Neolithic burial monument.

"Le Menhir du Perron"
in Passais la Conception. Standing stone.

"Le Menhir de la Châtaigneraie" in St Siméon. Standing stone.

"Le Dolmen du Creux" in St Bômer les Forges. Dolmen.

"La Motte Féodale" in Sept-Forges. Medieval motte.

"Le Gué de Loré" in Loré. Roman ford.

>Download the document about megaliths here.

Iron Mining Heritage:

"La Maison du Fer" in Dompierre
- Iron museum. Photos, artefacts, models concerning ironworks in the Bocage and the old trades.
Contact :

"Les Forges de Varenne" in Champsecret - An iron mill using the charcoal technique, one of the best preserved in Europe, guided tours on appointment.
Contact :

"La Butte Rouge" in Dompierre - Iron ore calcination kilns, free visit all year round.

Nature beauties:

Natural Spots:

"La Fosse Arthour" in St Georges de Rouelley - A 70 metre-deep gorge cut into the ancient mountain. There you can enjoy various activities such as rock climbing, horse riding and hiking. Listed in 1966.

"The Andaine Forest" between Domfront and Bagnoles de l'Orne - State-owned forest, once part of the biggest forest of the Département. Nature lovers will appreciate the lovely walks, mushrooms and blueberry picking and the ever present wild life.

"The Sainte-Anne Mound" in Domfront - Rocky hill facing Domfront Castle across the gorge.
>Download here the document to walk on Tertre Sainte Anne.

"Mount Margantin" in St Brice-en-Passais - 270 metres above sea level, situated between Domfront and Céaucé, it is reputedly one of the sites haunted by witches to hold their Sabbath...

"The Bizet Mound" in Lonlay l'Abbaye - Exceptional flora: Erica Ciliaris and Molinia Caerulea.

Flowering art:

"St Fraimbault" The flowered village. International award-winner and "4 flowers national Prize" since 1988, St Fraimbault is one of the most beautiful flowered villages in France. Thanks to the involvement of its inhabitants and the originality of the floral setting, St Fraimbault is sure to surprise you!
Contact : or

"The pear trees in bloom" - As spring closes in, a breathtaking scene is disclosed as the pear trees start blossoming. A signed route can be followed to enjoy the lush spectacle of pear tree orchards, typical of this region.



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